MovEvo for Corporate Health

Become a health-orientated employer!

Do you want to enable your employees to sustain a pain-free and active work routine? Inccrease productivity, reduce failure rates and strengthen your employer brand at the same time! If you agree, MovEvo is just right for your company!

The annual Health Day causes a short hype, but there are no long-term effects? Of course, once is nothing, regularity and perseverance leads to success! In business life, as well as in the healthcare.

What makes MovEvo unique?

The same standard mush for everyone? No, every employee goes through the online MovEvo movement check. Based on his or her individual goals, time budget, workloads and possible chronic pains, the employee receives his or her individual, customized video training program.

The employee can flexibly access, train at home, on a business trip or during an active break in the office!

The advantages for your company

  • Increase the productivity of your company
    • Investments in MA health pay for a ROI of 3
    • The employees are more motivated, creative and productive
    • Improve work satisfaction and morale
  • Healthy workforce
    • Reduce downtime
    • Healthy employees for a healthy company
    • Movement as supportive measure in the prevention of psychosocial diseases
    • Not just the “athletes” – MovEvo reaches everyone
  • Strengthening the employer brand
    • Positioning as an attractive and innovative employer
    • Investing in your team reinforces employee retention
    • Creating a “we-feeling” through moving workshops
    • Create a positive working environment
    • Live your company values ​​for your employees as well

How does MovEvo work for your company?


Depending on the size of your company, you will receive a certain number of accounts to the MovEvo portal and thus you can pass on the access data to your employees. The employee logs into the portal regardless of time and place and remains or becomes fit for everyday work.

Use the MovEvo Multisite Option! Integrate the MovEvo concept into your intranet. We adapt the user interface to your wishes and ideas. Company design and corporate identity accompany the employee on his way to an active lifestyle.


MovEvo Partner - Mein gesundes Büro
MovEvo Partner - Blackroll
MovEvo Partner - Vivobarefoot
In Austria the MovEvo exercise program can be funded as part of a Corporate Health Project for your company. Check out opportunities also for your country.