About MovEvo

About MovEvo

Movement in the sense of evolution means versatility. MovEvo is a self-reinforcing and interconnected approach to movement.

The MovEvo web portal is the ideal companion on your individual way to a painless and moving everyday life full of energy and joie de vivre. Adapted to your needs, goals and your unique life situation, you will receive a customized training program. You train independent of time and place. Whether on a business trip, in the office, at home or outdoors. Exercise doesn't just take place in the gym. The whole life is movement.

You already have everything you need - your body!


HOLISTIC APPROACH – "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

The principle of is consciously at the forefront at MovEvo.

Movement in the sense of evolution means versatility. MovEvo is a self-reinforcing and interconnected approach to movement. Out of the evolution we are on the one hand designed to move for a long time and persistently, day after day we were up to 8 hours on the road as hunters and gatherers. On the other hand, we also had to perform high power performances and complex movements with the highest speed in a short time - jumps, throws, sprints in rough terrain. From the perspective of keeping you healthy, following this approach seems to be more rewarding. On the other hand, we have the idea of maximizing a specific ability in competitive sport. However, this approach does not pretend to be healthy and is not desirable for the majority of the population. But even in competitive sports, especially in games, a holistic approach is necessary. It requires a balanced development of motoric skills, as well as optimal integration of nutrition, social abilities and mental health in order to be efficient and successful. MovEvo combines mobility, endurance, strength, coordination and speed to a closed system. On a higher level with the goal of a healthy and active lifestyle, basic nutrition, mental health and the ability to deal with stress as well as well working social relationships complement the concept. According to the concept of salutogenesis (Aaron Antonovsky) we stay healthy by understanding our environment, by being able to handle it and recognize meaning in our actions. Also from this point of view sport and movement is a valuable source of health maintenance and a valuable school of life!

FREEDOM OF PAIN and full mobility before strengthening

painless - mobile - powerful

Many chronic pains of the musculoskeletal system have their causes in hypertense musculature and matted fascial tissue, often caused by lack of movement. This increases the tension on the joints, restricts mobility in partial segments and the pain sensors in the myofascial system report! Strengthening will be only partially successful in these cases. The aim here is to release trigger points, release fascial tension and thus increase mobility. Once this has been restored, it makes sense to stabilize and strengthen the full range of motion.

In the context of rehabilitation training, isolated single-jointed movements also make sense in order to regain control of the musculature. Especially after injuries or chronic malformations, isolated control, specific strengthening and local mobility must first be improved before the holistic MovEvo approach can be followed. The MovEvo program picks you up where you are in your performance and development and leads you step by step into a painless, active and self-empowered life. Newly practiced movement patterns are successfully transferred into everyday life and sport.

FUNCTIONALITY and compensatory movement

Move as it is conceived within you!

The MovEvo approach does not concentrate on individual exercises and muscle groups, but on complex, multi-jointed movement sequences and is therefore close to everyday movements and sporting activities. The focus is on the myofascial connections, the successful interaction of muscles and fasciae and thus also the re-integration of fundamental human movement patterns, which are inadequately performed in modern society. This is how we develop against our nature and MovEvo sets an antipole here.

A systemic approach to movement includes the following human core movements: squats, hip extension, lunges, pulling movements, pushing movements, all kind of rotations, walking and running. MovEvo adds stabilizing, hanging and jumping movements to these 7 patterns!

Our monotonous and motionless everyday life leads to the fact that we overtax and overload certain myofascial structures, thus provoking over tensions and movement restrictions. On the other hand, other units are not challenged enough and are weakened. This leads to dysfunctional movement patterns and chronic complaints. If you sit a lot bent over, bend back sometimes. The MovEvo approach offers the corresponding compensatory movements and focuses in particular on these individual systematic weaknesses. In this way, the spiral of the lack of movement is broken and purposefully counteracted. In this sense Use it or Lose it!


Movement is like brushing your teeth

Our modern everyday life consists mainly of monotonous strains. We sit too much and work too much with a hunched upper body. If we want to change the myofascial structure in the long term, the compensatory movements for seating or other typical everyday strains must be carried out daily and thus become an indispensable part of everyday life. Moving for half an hour, as compensation for 8 hours of sitting, seems obvious from this perspective! Movement is like brushing your teeth. It should be self-evident and indispensable as part of myofascial body hygiene. MovEvo supports you on the way to a painless and active lifestyle.


Every step counts

Also our 24 foot muscles follow the law "Use it or lose it". If the foot muscles are not sufficiently challenged, and this happens when we lock our feet in shoes for hours every day, the foot muscles regress, the arch of the foot collapses and foot disorders result. Flat feet, fallen arches and hallux valgus are common symptoms. How should the house stand stable if the foundation does not fit? Subsequent complaints in the knees, hips, spine up to the neck are only the logical consequence of a collapsed arch of the foot.

We have over 30 small bones in the foot, just as many ligaments and 24 muscles. These are actually designed to compensate for the unevenness of natural surfaces. In our modern world, however, these irregularities barely exist anymore. We move on asphalted, flat surfaces and in supported and cushioned shoes. How can a strong arch of the foot be created? Evolution has already imagined something for this most rigid of all constructions! Give your feet back their freedom, rebuild your arch and train barefoot whenever possible. Even walking barefoot, in the grass, on the beach or on the soft forest floor is training for your foot muscles. If walking barefoot is not possible because of the risk of injury, then challenge your feet with minimal shoes!


Mens sano in corpere sano

MovEvo is based on the latest scientific findings and aims to make them available to a wide audience in an understandable way. MovEvo brings theory and practice together holistically. Findings from performance diagnostics, bio-mechanics, physiology, Fasciae research, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, medicine, nutrition science and motivation research flow into the concept of MovEvo.

In the Humboldt sense of the meaning of ("uni" - the unit "versi" - the different) ) MovEvo unites findings from individual sciences into an interlocking whole. "The whole is more than the sum of its parts.“

NATURE move in the great outdoors

"Nature is our pharmacy" (Sebastian Kneipp)

We humans like to see ourselves as the "crown of creation". We often forget that despite all the state-of-the-art technological developments that enrich our everyday lives, we are still part of nature. However, we are increasingly disconnecting ourselves from our natural environments. Stress, noise, sensory overload and pollution make us ill. Today there is no need to discuss this anymore, but it is now scientifically proven that movement in nature, in the forests, mountains and by the sea contributes significantly to maintaining health..

Nowadays, exercise in towns and cities often takes place only in closed spaces or in designated sports facilities. However, movement can and should take place everywhere and the power of Nature in particular gives movement an indispensable additional benefit. So get out into nature!

CURIOSITY and the joy of playing

"He who does not remain curious will only get older" (Frauchinger Marianne)

Nobody is born as a motionless human. As children, we are curious, constantly trying out new challenges - crawling, rolling, getting up and learning to walk, catching balls, the list of movements we learn seems endless. Somewhere along the way, this curiosity is lost. MovEvo wants to inspire you to rediscover this curiosity and its positive emotions. Positive challenges strengthen the trust in oneself, new synaptic connections will be created through emotions and the motoric brain center will develop lifelong. Use it or lose it" also applies here. The brain has no limited capacity. We increase the capacity by using it!

The game is also an essential part of human development history. Play forms with balls and sociodynamic elements are handed down from the earliest times. During the game we experience ourselves in a social group. The game therefore plays an extraordinary social role. In the game we lose ourselves in doing. The probability of experiencing the flow state, the merging into the thing itself, is particularly high. In modern society, the proportion of those who actively participate in the game is negligible. We consume games in passive form in front of screens or live in stadiums, but if we do not actively participate, important social learning processes will be lost. An essential element of the game is distraction ("disportare" Greek for distraction), losing in action. The element of distraction still forms the root of the word "sport" today. Emotions and group dynamic processes in the game are priceless experiences. On one side for the development of our children, but also for us adults! MovEvo therefore pleads for the return of the game and play forms into the modern everyday life and also adapted to the highest age! The inner child will be happy!

"People should play in order to really be people" (Friedreich Nietzsche)