About me


I am Michael Omann. I was allowed to experience sports as a school for life. I made eye-opening experiences in competitive sports. On the one part in soccer as a team sport, on the other in alpine skiing as an individual activity. Ups and downs marked my path, but I was always ready to accept these challenges and to learn from the positive experiences that sport provides for my life..

"When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others windmills!"

I dare to say the latter for myself. My path, which was marked by numerous injuries, leads me unconsciously in the direction I had chosen since the beginning of my studies in sports science.

I understood increasingly to see movement as an important preventive measure for chronic pain and civilization diseases. After a period of relevant work, the horizon widened again and movement was no longer seen only as prevention, but also as medicine for numerous life-style-related illnesses.

"MovEvo - movement in the sense of evolution" is the logical consequence. If we do not follow our patterns, which are millions of years old, we become ill. Our body is designed for a lot of movement with great variety and that is what I convey with MovEvo. The movement, the play with the own body, the interaction with other people, fascinates me and I transmit this with all passion and hope to inspire other people to rediscover this magic. Each person is unique and our adaptability is a gift, it would be negligent to let this potential wasted.

During my work as a sports scientist I move daily for several hours. I draw so much strength from this fulfilling activity that even after work I pursue those activities that particularly captivate me:

I like to travel a lot and am interested in other cultures, continents, ways of life and their approach to movement. The Asian region in particular has been very appealing to me. Here you can still find old and new close together. Contrasts inspire me!

Curiosity about undiscovered fields fascinates me. Lifelong learning, keeping my eyes open for new things is one of my basic attitudes.

"The only constant in life is the change."


With MovEvo I would also like to help those people who have been deprived of this valuable experience to date to develop movement as a source of energy and strength.


Master Degree in Sports & Movement Science

Main subject: Performance Diagnostics and Development

Masters Degree Business Administration

Main Subject: Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management