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Videobased Self Assesment

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Manage your chronic pain issues

Mobile Application

Exercise independently from space and time

Active Lifestyle

Incorpororate compensatory movements in your everyday life

Playground Nature

Benefit from moving outdoors


We sit too much, move too less and too monotonously

The MovEvo web portal is the ideal companion on your individual way to a painless and active lifestyle full of energy and joie de vivre. Adapted to your needs, goals and your unique life situation, you will receive a customized video-training program. You train independently of time and place. Whether on a business trip, in the office, at home or outdoors. Exercise does not only take place in the gym, your whole life is full of opportunities to move. You already have everything you need - your body!

Use it or lose it!


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as a holistic concept

MovEvo is aiming for a painless and active life. MovEvo unites physical and mental mobility in line with Natural Movement Patterns.


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